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Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

Hackers get a bad rap in the majority of instances. Mostly because of pop culture’s influence over what it means to be considered a hacker, though it cannot be denied that some within the hacker community have acted selfishly and caused some harm. Losing data in the digital world can be devastating when your entire business is run on some type of “open” network.


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The TIE Tournament

More Details to Come About this Exciting Event We all have our opinions. But how often do you ever really get paid for them. When The Intellectual Extravaganza is fully implemented, and participation grows, we plan to offer just that through our playoff-format online debate tournament. With Monthly Cash Prizes! and the end of the year TIE […]

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Welcome to the Anonymous Generation

Keep it Honest and Interesting We have a chance to define what our generation contributes to the world. I see beautiful people everyday who want nothing more than to bring people together to share ideas and their culture. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have completely changed how we interact with one another on a […]

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