A Quick Update

In a rush to publish some content for our audience, we’ve – purposely – allowed ourselves to go off track a little bit with what we intend this site to be. This site came to exist in a matter of days, after months were spent discussing its focus. We chose not to have backlogs of writings we could use for blog posts so that all of our entries would feel current. Every thing we’ve posted on AnonGen (that is not source-linked) provides you, the reader, with a fresh take on our subject-choice’s context. We’ll get back to expanding idea’s, but for now we wanted to make sure our audience wasn’t just clicking to read a single post.

As the Home Page explains, we want this site to be about connecting on all levels; not just economic and political commentary.

We’ll continue posting news articles and op-ed pieces in the future. For the most part, however, we want to present ourselves in a way that is accessible to our readers. If you find something you agree with, or if you find something you disagree with, we want to hear from you about it. Even if you have no experience with the subject matter, engage with us. None of us at AnonGen claim to be experts, we’re just people reaching out through the internet, hoping that someone will like what they see and help us grow the idea shared.

Even if it’s negative; as people – and as writers – criticism helps us. So, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. We may write from an ideology, and we may declare ourselves aligned with some specific views, but, that doesn’t mean we think our perspective is the only possibility.

Anyway, stick with us and we’ll be getting back to our objective of connectivity. In the meantime, we hope you’ve been enjoying the content uploaded thus far.

Thanks again for reading!

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