Farewell Gore Vidal (1925-2012)

For those who have felt a progressive push behind them at times, or for those who dared to challenge their social environment; today is, indeed, a sad day. Gore Vidal has passed away at the rightful-old-age of 86. He died in his Hollywood Hills home of complications from a battle with pneumonia.

Gore had a passion for challenging the status quo. Never satisfied with the rationale of others to define his personal belief of right vs. wrong, he forced some of the highest members of government, parliament, as well as business moguls to reassess their reasoning. We have lost a Civil Rights leader, an outspoken voice for equality, and a person we would all be enamored with should we have had the chance to hear him speak in person. His insistence to expand human knowledge had no bounds. He was never the brightest man alive, contrary to his own opinion. Still, he should be included in any conversation about modern day genius. And here’s the thing, it wasn’t his words that showed his true genius, none of the books I read of his were particularly mind-blowing, what separated him from the masses was his ability to think critically. So critically, in fact, that he was often at odd’s with the proponents of his own eliteness. For a man who never attended college, and was mostly self-taught, he was able to forge a remarkable life.

Still he never looked down on others, or felt as though he was ultimately superior simply because he was able to live in such decadence. He was friends with Hollywood stars, U.S. Presidents, Journalists and Oligarchs – but still managed to shock us all when he formed a bond/friendship with Timothy McVeigh, in 1998. During an interview given in 2001, Vidal said: “He’s an intelligent man. He’s not insane.” I remember reading about this interview, and thinking to myself – how can a man who bombs a building so devastatingly not be insane. But, as it turns out, he was right. And from then on, I have forced myself to disregard much of the information given to the public when crimes as atrocious as the Oklahoma City Bombing are perpetrated.  Vidal’s ability to see beyond what we’re meant to see will be missed, especially in a time when such turmoil exists.

In April 2009, Vidal accepted appointment to the position of honorary president of the American Humanist Association, succeeding Kurt Vonnegut.

I don’t want to write a life biography about Gore Vidal here. There is so much information about the man readily available on – virtually – any medium you could ask for. I just wanted to acknowledge his passing and write a little piece in the hopes that others might be inclined to seek out his wisdom for themselves. Wherever you are Gore, I hope you have peace. Here’s some love for you from The AnonGen.

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