The Silenced Cries for Revolution

“The unthinking, docile majority enable the government to perpetuate the status quo and thus the world never progresses. We ardently desire revolutionary change and to live in a real democracy with wise intellectuals as leaders and government actually fulfilling its responsibilities.” – Random YouTube User

George Carlin Sayin It Best.

To those of you who live perfectly content lives outside of politics — this entry might concern you, or in the very least interest you. I don’t think you have to be very informed or political to feel a “new” sense of volatility emerging from the currents of various political sentiment. I’ve had several discussions with friends and others lately that seem to have an added element of the potential for action attached to our words. Not to think either of us would grab our pitchforks if we had the opportunity, but rather I suspect that our ideas and theories aren’t that far from “seeming” like reality. Perhaps they may become reality.

The video I embedded above is from the beloved George Carlin back in 2005. The video is indeed dated — today Carlin is no longer with us — yet his words seem to cast a familiar shadow on the situation at hand. A situation involving a number of situations — the idea that the apparent impossibility of finding a summer job here in Fort Myers, Florida might be tied to the revolution in Egypt, or to the ongoing violence taking place in Syria. I could very well be completely wrong — I don’t pretend to know everything that’s going on in the world as much as I try. But I think it to be intellectually dishonest if I didn’t point out the uncanny similarities of the various political struggles that overwhelm the intellectual and political airways. My suspicion is that they are more than similar — they are the same. Carlin’s words have never seemed more appropriate than they do today, coincidentally twelve years after they were spoken.

But he’s just another rebel knocking the illusory, corrupt ruling elite. These people have no merit. They say outrageous and conspiratorial things so that they can get views and get paid for being a handy consultant to non-conformism. He’s not different than the quacks that claim 9/11 was an inside job and global warming a hoax. Right?


Or are the uprisings we’re seeing today a result of totalitarian economic and political policies carried out by greed-driven regimes throughout the world that actively suppress their poor populations by ensuring that their own expanding self-interests are sought indispensably.

Perhaps there are some smart people out there telling the truth, and we just haven’t been listening.

It would seem to be me that we’re living in time where the truth to these claims is increasingly discernible, and we’re seeing this manifest not just in the various political movements that are taking form, but the overall feeling of “something in the making.” Not to be ethnocentric, but the possibility of a revolution here in the United States would likely bring about the reconstitution of global order – if that isn’t happening already – which has implications of uniquely historical significance. Historically, movements like “Occupy” have risen to challenge prospects of governance, power, and the role money has with both, but have been successfully squashed by those very same forces instead. Strangely—hopefully—I feel as though we aren’t in a period of stagnation as it relates to these concerns. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the occupations here in the United States, and perhaps we’ll see something much more.

After all, I don’t particularly enjoy the thought of living in a fascist dictatorship.

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