Welcome to the Anonymous Generation

Keep it Honest and Interesting

We have a chance to define what our generation contributes to the world. I see beautiful people everyday who want nothing more than to bring people together to share ideas and their culture. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have completely changed how we interact with one another on a global level. Our world is truly fantastic, we all want to connect so badly, and we all seem to agree on some very fundamental values in life. Yet, discussions online can devolve into personal attacks and abuse very quickly. Somehow we get deterred by this, and begin to invalidate our own perspective as uninformed hogwash. Our goal at AnonGen is to broaden our horizons by sharing what we know with everyone. If you have an opinion, you deserve to be heard. And you will be heard here at AnonGen, so long as you abide by a few rules.

  1. No Threats, of any kind.
  2. If you must use an insult, be creative in expressing it. We don’t want to be internet nanny’s, but we don’t want to read “ur a moron” 1000x per day either.
  3. Contribute to the conversation positively in every post. Attacks of perspective without any opposing view point shut the doors of communication, we want those doors WIDE OPEN.

Everyone of us that is part of the Anonymous Generation can make our mark. What the 1960’s was for the advancement civil rights, the 20-teens will be for human rights. This will be what defines us in History:

The generation that changed what it means to want

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