Operation Global Connectivity: Engaged

It was early July, 2012 when the idea for this site came about. A group of friends with a penchant for healthy and honest debate came to a realization; there are no sources for news that speaks directly to us, and those who think like “us.” While some may think the world is already flooded with news and bloggers, the simple truth of the matter is, nothing we saw really caught our attention. Humans have an inherent craving for knowledge. Whether that knowledge stems from family lore, actual history, or opinion-based editorials, the fact is we all want more information. Until now, we’ve only been offered a faux choice, of sorts. Sure, there are the big boys in the market that claim to present an unbiased platform open to discussion for people from all walks of life. However, the “big boys” have failed the next generation by focusing on some sort of partisanship. Nearly all these sites copy and paste from another source, run an opinion article alongside, and open a forum for people to leave comments. But, what they’ve failed at is stemming the vitriolic nature of public debate. Allowing the partisanship to grow exponentially, at a serious cost to today’s society and the generations of tomorrow. Without a fair approach, and an ability to curb that vitriol, we’re forced into a box. The faux choice comes in the form of the left vs. right paradigm, and we’ve been happy to oblige for the privilege of letting our opinions be heard at all.

What we plan to offer is a new view; not only of politics, although I’m sure there will plenty of political banter taking place here in the near future. We also want to highlight different technologies and their impact on communication. How we can implement these new tech platforms to develop further connectivity in global terms. From Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street to the TEA Party, finding the common ground each of these groups share and learning to work with each other to expand the knowledge each group has at its disposal. We will also be expanding the idea behind the “op-ed” and allowing our users to contribute to the discussion, not just in internet-warrior commentary, but in actual postings. We want active participation from our members, so that as a community we can grow together, and find solutions that may never have been thought of on our own.

For now, we’re okay with building from the ground up. But, in the very near future, we will be expanding into a more global forum. Our hopes are to bring about change via action, not just words. That’s not to say we want everyone to take up arms and fight “the man” far from it, in fact. We want our discussions to allow new ideas to grow organically, and we want our community to not shoot down an idea just because it comes from an ideology that they may not agree with. Let’s open the flood gates and allow for real expansion of simple ideas that can help a village in Thailand, or deliver real-time updates to global catastrophes, connect with different organizations, and turn our words into activism to change how the entire world views each other.

Let’s face some very basic facts with this community. Let our motto be “The simpler, the better.” Not because it’s “dumbing down” the conversation, let’s keep it simple so that it creates an opportunity for understanding. A person doesn’t have to be a genius in order to have a bright idea, and not all geniuses are capable of thinking of the same solution an average Joe may consider.

With that said, we here at AnonGen want to thank you for your membership. We look forward to getting to know everyone and changing the world for the better, once and for all!


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