A Generation Defined

Defining The Anonymous Generation seems a bit ironic. The intent of the message behind the name is to state that we’re fed up with being ignored both nationally and globally, and are doing what we can to become more active in changing the conversation(s) we feel should be taking place. Social, economic and political issues will be discussed without fear of the “no, you’re an idiot for thinking that’s a problem” or the “you have to pick democrat or republican if you want to vote, they’re the only viable parties” type of retorts. We want to change this aspect of politics as the two-party system is not a realistic option for our perspective, collectively.

With op-ed pieces written by and for the 35 & under crowd we can target a specific group that represents the actual future, rather than clamoring for the tidbits of information currently available through traditional sources. Yes, these traditional sites have sections dedicated to our demographic, but they’re missing the mark by insisting that the left or right side of the debate must be followed. We reject that concept inherently, and wish to engage in conversation about the problems we see globally without the boundaries set by ideology. However, we still appreciate that ideology can be a good thing as well. We want debate and solutions to emerge organically no matter the stance you take. Everyone has an opinion, our goal is to help everyone engage in civil discussions that aim to find a commonality.

This website will be directed towards a youth demographic (However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be posting clips of Jersey Shore or American Idol). Having an interest in politics is definitely welcome, but it will by no means be a necessity to participate in the discussions we have here. The essence of the site will be built around a “global community” that seeks to improve the world via contribution in all forms. If we can begin to shift our world views into something that is all-encompassing, then perhaps the politics of achieving these goals will become less of a distraction and we can focus our efforts on the solution(s), rather than always seeming to be stuck on the problem(s).

Even though our crowd is intended to be younger we welcome everyone, and only ask that you help us keep closed-minded thinking out of this forum. A bit of conflict is going to be inevitable when so many different ideas are on the table, but let’s keep our heads level and proceed with the intention of making the life of everyone better for being part of the discussion. Share your knowledge, share your opinions. Just SHARE anything that you feel could be helpful, that’s all we want from our members.

In the event that a discussion takes a negative turn, we have a solution for that as well. Rather than being “angry moderators” we plan to allow public debates of our community members. We’ll allow both sides to “prove their case” and perhaps even give an award based on who the community thinks has won. This is a fully interactive approach to curbing the hatred and down-right crude conversations that other sites have decided should be allowed. When this occurs, we will remove the vitriolic comments posted prior, saving a draft for each member to peruse while building a case. we will then discuss with each user a time/date that is most appropriate for the debate to take place, allowing ample time to research the points they’d like to make. Then on the day selected, we’ll turn this into a community-wide event, home screen updates and twitter feeds so those on-the-go can still take part in the final decision. However, if these debates devolve into insults or personal attacks, we reserve the right to delete these posts for the sake of controlling contempt of one another.

To make a long story short, we’re going to make trolls find another bridge and turn our debates into something the entire internet will envy!


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