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We’ve discussed what AnonGen strives to be in a few other posts. (you can read more about that in both  A Gerenation Defined & Operation Global Connectivity: Engaged) The question remains, however; who is AnonGen, and who are the content contributors? All contributors to AnonGen are currently, and always will be, amateur journalists. Though, we do hope to attract some impressive guest talent by exhibiting a safe and stimulating opportunity to defend their views; since it would be fantastic to open the doors to main stream discussion while still retaining the values of free minded thinking.

So, are we (AnonGen Staff) worthy of your reading time? Most definitely, we are. I’m certain we will have our fair share of grammatical errors throughout this endeavor, who doesn’t… But, the flow of writing by our staff is likely to impress you, nonetheless. Don’t take my word for it, read some of Tanner’s opinion column’s and see for yourself. What appears to be a WALL-of-TEXT will fly by as you read the story. Randy is no slouch, either. His life experience far exceeds what many of us will ever see in our lives, yet he’s only in his 20’s. Even if he may appear goofy at-first-glance, he’s still giving you some very useful information. Bear with him, and he’ll end up teaching you at least one new thing – from every post he writes. Wade, on the other hand, is probably the weakest link, grammatically. And he can go off some tangents, no doubt. But still, by the time he’s finished there’s an air of mysticism surrounding the information he’s giving us. On numerous occasions, Wade has forced me to reflect on issue’s I felt were resolved previously. That doesn’t mean he’s always right but he does unlock a treasure trove of thought, for those who are into that sorta thing.

Try to not mistake us for professionals, we do our best to report accurately and will always issue a retraction in the event of false information being espoused within AnonGen’s domain. We take great pride in presenting a true alternative to becoming an informed citizen and bear the full weight of attempting to grow a global community. As is standard, any user uploaded content will receive full credit if used within AnonGen – or any associated social media – and we encourage all of our members to submit idea’s and articles to expand our collective knowledge. That’s the base idea after all – connect, share, understand, grow.

The Anonymous Generation is all about connecting as broadly as possible. We want to find ways to help people all over the world, and if we’re unable to do it ourselves, we will help find those who can. We all want the same basic things from life, I imagine; to live, experience true freedom as often as possible, connect in ways that make us feel good, and help out where we can. But, where do we start? There’s the tried and true social media approach. And these sites work great, instant communication has revolutionized the world we live in. We have the power to find out about anything, anywhere and at any time with sites like Facebook & Twitter. It’s a beautiful thing. Still many of us haven’t really found a way to formulate a strategy which starts making the changes that must be made before any of the things we want from life become our reality.

Millennial’s, as a generation, are more akin to volunteer than any other generation since WWII. That’s a statistical fact. I happen to believe that we are more willing to devote ourselves to causes that might have a positive impact on people, as well. Are we materialistic as a generation? Absolutely. But, that doesn’t mean we’re selfish. So let’s cultivate this selfless devotion and guide our thinking into new directions. Post ideas, develop a business that provides relief, anything you can do to help is great. Let’s share our ideas and who knows, maybe someone in Argentina will find the help of a person from Norway. We have that ability today!, we just have to keep pressing forward and good things will grow organically.

As we progress further – debates that utilize truly free thought will lead to truly great solutions. Solutions still exist, but we have to begin acting in a way that gives leverage to our idea’s. Damn the naysayer’s who insist that we listen to their – utterly broken and failed – wisdom. We are the generation that must fix the problems we’ve been saddled with; the sooner we get started on the discussions, the sooner we will find the solutions.


  • Is AnonGen associated with that hacker group called Anonymous?

               -Not exactly. We chose the name Anonymous Generation, more so because the term represents how we feel our representatives view us; not because we’re in line or affiliated with the actions of Anonymous. Although there are specific stances and ideologies that we find a commonality with the hacker group called Anonymous. For Example: We do believe government and banks are failing society-at-large, and we want to take action to prevent their failures from hurting others, or happening at all. But, we disagree in the assertion that armed revolution is necessary for achieving these goals.

  • Can I write for your blog?

               -Yes, You Can! We would love to see what you have to contribute. Click on our contact us page to find information about submitting your own essays, reports, video or anything you feel could be useful. We will review all submissions, and use our own judgement to decide whether or not it’s “post-worthy.”

  • What is the TIE Tournament?

               –This is our Bread & Butter, quite literally. AnonGen plans on hosting a grand playoff-format online debate tournament in the future. Complete with cash prizes and community benefits for bracket winners. More information will be released over time regarding the rules, format, eligibility and prizes, stay tuned to AnonGen’s social updates for all future details. We think you’re going to like this, a lot!

We’re ecstatic that you chose to take time and read through our posts, and we hope to get to know all of you in the very near future! Let’s build this community together, invite your friends, invite your families. What we post is open to anyone to read, and we encourage everyone to get involved regardless of age. If you feel you can contribute; by all means, get involved!

With all that said – Welcome to AnonGen

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